Metropolis: ein film von Friz Lang

I can remember with gusto of the day I watched this timeless classic on a German movie festival in Sao Paulo, Brazil. I was on my early-mid-teens and learning German at that time. The special thing about this session is that there was a pianist playing during the whole movie!!! I felt as I was in 1927…  

Metropolis has some of the best photography in the History of Cinema, in my opinion. I can see scenes that could have been composed by classical painters such as Rembrandt himself. Some are simple, but absolutely eloquent, while others are masterpieces of complexity.
When it comes to concepts, I can compare many of Metropolis’ takes to mythological passages related to the Bible, but in a universal context rather than religious. I can see creational and doomsday allusions and philosophical questioning, the best and the worse of mankind side by side.
Another thing I find really impressive, given the film’s zeitgeist, is that the screenplay is credited to have been written by Lang’s wife, Thea von Harbou. She had the ideas for a story that is seemingly ahead of their time, while there was so little support and respect for the intellectual authority of a woman back then. Lang on the other hand was also a visionary, by directing his wife’s visions as if his owns. They were married not only as man and woman, but also creative- and artistically speaking.

~ That was the time when cinema was art. ~

Learn more about this film @ Wikipedia.

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