Chill out with a Gothic Rock classic – The Cure, Lullaby

I listened to this song in my teens, at home, at my friends’, at parties, pubs and gothic raves. It was amazing then and it is still amazing now. 

Great tempo, spooky-sexy voice of Robert Smith, catchy melody, beautiful arrangements… One of the finest tunes of the genre.

Now the video. A Gothic fairytale where the main character is Robert, but it is also YOU. Remember when you were a kid, the way you stared at the walls and window at night? You were scared, imagining things… Something was coming to get you or was it already under your bed? Was it all in your head or… could it have been real?

The photography is modern, but it has a twist of old cinema. Simples things, concepts that when put together makes it all sophisticated. As Leonardo DaVinci said: “Less is more.” There is also a sense of nostalgia with the old objects and animated toys and there’s innocence. Innocence tormented by darkness.

Check out The Cure’s VEVO Channel. Click HERE.


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