The Art of Pierangelo Boog

I came across the fine illustration art of the Swiss painter Pierangelo Boog a few years back, when I was leaving Graphic Design to work full time as digital illustrator. Back then I was a frequenter of the ImagineFX forum, which is now extinct, and also member of IT’S G Gallery (which has been on and off). The thing is, I used to appreciate his art through these two channels, and networking became artist friendship.
Angelo is one of the best contemporary illustrators I know. He masters human anatomy in a way that few do. He masters also the characteristics of different ethnicities from all over the globe. But that’s not all… Angelo masters also an array of traditional and media, all to – almost – perfection.
I say almost because doing art is a paradox: you work your whole life to achieve a certain level of mastery, which will NEVER come. The more you work to achieve that technical and artistic skill, the more you know you need to learn. However, I believe Angelo is almost ‘there’ at the end, compared
to the rest of us, scratching the beginning of the journey.
Visit Pierangelo Boog’s Portfolio:
Visit also his Blog, where he always talks about great art:

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