Who wouldn’t love to see small sad children singing in a cage? AKA Engel by Rammstein

(Now I wanna hear you saying this title out loud in under 30 seconds!) 
So… Who wouldn’t love small sad children singing in a cage? Well, I do! If you want to see it too, then indulge in this Rammstein sexy tune – Engel.
I dig the beat as much as I love to see those sweet melancholic kids into the hanging cage in some scenes. ^.^ That little girl is so cute! ❤
Other nice things to notice… hm… the story. There’s a little visual plot going on from beginning to end, which makes it more interesting to follow the scenes. Also, the use of character contrasts, the band members as “innocent” being currupted to a certain extent by the people in that pub.
And for the artists, like me, the using of contrasting (complementary) colors on the color wheel – blue and yellow/orange make the pictures all well balanced and dynamic. See also contrast of values – from very low to very high key.

Visit Rammstein’s Official Website: www.rammstein.de

Visit their Youtube Channel, click here.


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