Lionel Royer – A Victorian treasure

After a blogging break – first, due to lak of time – too much work in December – then, due to a few days holidays, I feel it is great to be back! I have been enjoying art in all shapes and forms in holiday trip and I hope to make some posts about the new painters I have discovered.

This one is not new. I have seen his work before, but somehow, it went on forgotten. Now, I’d like to remind myself about his alluring, bewitching work. I say these words rather than “beautiful”, because I only think he has one beautiful work of those I have seen, and it is this one:

“Vercingetorix Throws Down his Arms at the Feet of Julius Caesar”

This is not only beautiful, but it is one of the greatest art masterpieces – according to my taste! ^.^ As much as it is realistic, it is also theatrical, fantastic in some details. The colors and composition are pleasant, the lighting is soft, but there is a dark, heavy tension between the lead figures, Julius, Vercingetorix and the shirtless dude on his knees. These tree figures lead our eyes on subliminal diagonal lines which reinforce the tension on their poses and expressions.

When I grow up, I hope to be at least 10% as good as Lionel Royer.

Here are a few more paintings attributed to him, which I also like a lot.  I got some of them at Wikipedia.Org – others from the web. It is very difficult to find good images of his paintings. You can visit the artist’s page HERE.

Okay… Femme au Tambourin is also very beautiful… 😛
And bellow, amazing color palettes and impressive realism as well.


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