The Art of Howard Pyle: Book Illustrations

I came to know the work of Howard Pyle through my father, who has always been an avid reader and collector of books. I love the cleverness and allurement of his book illustrations, in their simplicity they are highly sophisticated and incite my fantasy. I could only wish that more of modern day books had such illustrations.
Another nice thing about this estadunidense artist is that he was both author and illustrator! (Like moi!). He did not only drawings, but also paintings… I however don’t like much his paintings. They are charming, and very interesting, but they lack finesse and depth and because of it, they have a flattened aspect, which again, make them look more like colored drawings than paintings.
Oh, but the drawings! I am sharing a selection of his drawings, of some of the pieces I like. I had copied these images to my private files, for study matters. It was long ago and I am pretty sure they were from Wikipedia, but now they are not available at his page anymore… So I cannot credit the source now.

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