Christmas tidbits + BlutEngel


I had a busy end of year for the past couple of months and the blogging has been meager. But then, hey, this is a place to chill out, not to stress about getting things done. And I’d like to share two refreshing tidbits from my Christmas. There were more, of course, such as calling my family, who lives in São Paulo, Brazil, and enjoying the holiday with my husband and his family here in dark mid-Norway, where we live. I have baked 5 types of “kjekks” or biscuits with my mother-in-law and even though it was a lot, they are about to end. And some of them we did without nuts, gluten free and lactose free due to my Histamine Intolerance problem.  ^.^

I got a really nice surprise from the USA, a lovely, beautiful card with a very nice message from a girl that was part of the Beta Reader’s team for my latest/new novel “As Cold As Thorns”. She is a book blogger and has always been so supportive to me and other indie authors.  ❤

And another lovely, super awesome tidbit was that I bought to myself a Christmas treat, BlutEngel‘s new album Nemesis, the best of with re-worked songs + Monument and guess what?! I got a super cool SIGNED card!!! 😀 More about this Gothic Band in the next, coming soon post.


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