Badge trade: from the IAM Master Classes in Paris, France, to UKM (Kids and teens culture festival), in Snillfjord, Norway


For the past two years (2015, 2016), I have attended one of the most exciting events in the Computer Graphic Arts, the IAM Master Classes, taking place in Paris, during the second half of March. This amazing celebration of teaching and learning Concept art, Character art, Digital illustration, Visual FX, Modelling, Animation and so on is arranged by (It’s Art Mag) and its founder, Patrice Leymarie & Co. Traditionally counts with some of the greatest names in the CG Arts and gathers an enthusiastic crowd from all over the globe.

This year I didn’t attend the event, and I was afraid that a heavy sense of emptiness would hand on my shoulders, since I miss the great energy I could feel there the previous years…

However, life gifted med with an incredible opportunity: I was invited to teach an arts workshop related to a national event called UKM (Ung kultur møtes) – which would translate more or less into “Young culture meets”. As the name suggests, it is a series of cultural festivals, where kids and teens get to show music, arts, performance, dance, etc. Some days after the workshop, on the day of the local festival, I was there and helped to organise the visual arts exhibition and had a very difficult, yet honorable duty: to be part of the jury, for both visual arts and music!

I loved to be there and meet some of my own students as well meet other awesome kids and teens from the local community. There were bands, duos and solo artists, and many beautiful drawings, paintings and other types of visual works. It was also nice to see the parents and families, eagerly cheering for the kids. It was one of the best things I have experienced in my life.

On the other hand, I was extremely nervous and worried about doing the right thing as a judge. All the kids/teens that showed their talent that evening deserve my sincerest respect and support, it wasn’t easy to vote on just a few artists. Those most voted will now go further, until the national finals. Good luck to them 🙂

What will the next year being? Master Classes in Paris or UKM in Snillfjord? I would like to take both! Unfortunately, I couldn’t take any pictures during the UKM, since I was very busy. So I leave you with a shot of the previous Master Classes.



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