My new Facebook Page is here!

Happy Friday, the 13th!

I haven’t posted anything here since Spring and that makes me realise again how fast time passes. I took the past months for family time, doing book covers and sorting out what I want for my career as artist (which may be subject of a new blogpost!). In other words, was a time where I had to shut down the noise and focus on important personal aspects of my life.

Years ago, I had a Facebook page and my first profile which were quite popular at the time. But life happened and got into a period of depression and deleted them. A year or two ago, I made a new FB profile, to communicate with people I work with and the neighbours, and been keeping it very private.

Now that I feel healed and ready to share my art again with the world, after being encouraged by friends and clients, I have started a new FB Page yesterday, October 12th 2017 – so it is pretty fresh! You can check it out here:

My plans for this page are to:

– post Fantasy, Dark Fantasy and Gothic paintings and drawings, from finished artworks to sketches.
– do giveaways
– share art tips and insights
– connect with both art lovers and artists
– post once a week (twice, tops) + answer comments on these days.

Now, I will see how it goes … 🙂 Thanks for visiting!


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