Firestarter CG Art Magazine Review + Interview with Founder

In this video you will see the pages of the beautiful Firestarter Magazine, dedicated to CG ART & CG Art Events + a cool interview with its founder, Spiridon Giannakis. Never miss a CG Art event again!

FIRESTARTER MAGAZINE: https://firestartermagazine…



VLOG: IPCA GAME DEV WEEK, Youtube, Gifts & Cards

Here I will talk about: ~ IPCA GameDevWeek – Barcelos/Portugal – a CG event at the campus of the IPCA with one week of Games, Animaton, VFX and more! ~ Youtube so far… , ~ Gifts & Cards I got from awesome people in the USA!

IPCA GAME DEV WEEK (there will be about 30 companies and 60 artists!!!):

I will make a new video informing the list of companies and artists as soon as I get it from the event organizers! Stay tuned!

IAMAG Master Classes 2018 – PT2

Here is the second video of the IAMAG Master Classes 2018, (an amazing CG Arts event for illustrators, concept artists, animators, 3D modelers and sculptors, VFX artists and more!) – if you missed the first one, I recommend you watch it to get the vibe of this amazing event:

Here you will watch INTERVIEWS with
Hope you enjoy their tips and advice as much as I did 🙂

IAMAG Master Classes 2018 – PT1

I covered the event using my mobile phone, for portability, since I traveled alone. I am glad to see the evolution of this event, though I missed it last year. At each edition I have been to, we have been at a better location, with a more dynamic cast of speakers, nice and essential booths, (a little extra touch with the coffe/croissant and bookshop). But the best part of the Master Classes is the energy that brings the art crowd together, regardless of their position in the industry. Everybody attending the event is passionate about what they do and as a result, we have environment that empowers the best art talks and a supportive community. I loved getting to meet new and old artist friends! Come and be part of this experience by watching the video below!

The Making of Black Sails Fan Art Poster

As an artist who would like to improve my technique and skills, I do studies whenever I can. Here is the Making Of this study and Fan Art of Captain Flint, Jack Rackham, Anne Bonny and Black Beard, characters of Black Sails. I hope you will enjoy watching some of my art process and that it will give you some insights!

Fear of Rejection, Failure and Success – An Art Talk

FEAR is a villain keeping many artists and creatives from achieving their full potential and realising their dreams. In this video you will get insights on fear of rejection, fear of failure and fear of success and tips that will help you to take action and be artist you want to be.

This is the last video I have for you this year. You can watch this Art Talk here:

Happy Holidays! Stay warm, safe and creative 🙂
Thank you so much for your support!

The Art of Raphael Lacoste – WORLDS Art Book Review

If you have played Assassin’s Creed you may know him as brand art director for this franchise. If you haven’t played the games but are into digital art, you know Lacoste as one of the most respected digital artists out there. He has worked as art director at Ubisoft and has also worked as matte painter and concept artist at the film industry.

I have been fortunate enough to have attended two of his workshops in France – at the IAM Master classes, which will be subject for another video/post. Today I’d like to show you WORLDS the beautiful art book showcasing Raphael’s paintings, published in partnership with, Patrice Leymarie and Co.

Introduction to digital art with free apps as learning tool – ideas for aspiring artists and educators

Are you and aspiring digital artist? You would like to try digital painting, but is not sure where to start? Are you an art teacher who would like your students to learn or experiment drawing digitally, but don’t have the resources? I will tell you a story.

A couple of weeks ago, 3 other art teachers and I had a weekend workshop for kids and teens at the neighbor town. There we introduced the students to digital painting and drawing using a free app as learning tool. The result? An explosion of creativity and tons of fun doing art in a novel way. The students couldn’t literally stop doing artworks in the hours we had together. You want to know how that started?

Watch my YouTube Video, where I illustrate this story and show to you a sketch time-lapse done on Tayasui Sketches free App.