“As an author, I believe a beautiful cover on a book can have a huge influence in capturing a reader’s attention.  Not only that, but if done well, it also captures the tone, the mood, and the spirit of the tale via a visual clarity that goes beyond the terrain of white page tattooed in black in ink.  Isis Sousa does this with every book cover she creates for me.  From the piercing gaze of an immortal king to the loving embrace between a warrior prince and his new bride, she captures the essence of the characters within the text and brings them to stunning, colorful life on the covers.  It’s a privilege to have Isis Sousa artwork gracing my book covers.”

~ Grace Draven, USA Today Bestselling author of the Wraith Kings series

aloras-tear-nathan“Even after three books, I’m still stunned at the magic Isis Sousa works in taking my written descriptions and making them into gorgeous paintings. It’s like she can reach into my imagination, snap a photo, and paint it straight onto the book cover. As an author, covers are so important to creating a viable product, but as a person, I treasure these images of my beloved characters. Working with her is easy and communicative; you’ll never feel like your characters or story are taken from you or approximated. She pays attention to the details—all of them. She’s brilliant!”

~ Nathan Barham, author of Alora’s Tear Epic Fantasy Series

make-me-burn-front-cover-web “From the moment we approached Isis about commissioning our first book cover, the experience has been delightful. Her positive enthusiastic attitude makes her a joy to work and communicate with. She is dedicated, from the beginning, to bringing her clients visions to life. The results is a detailed-orientated approached throughout which she sends carious iterations of the work in progress. During every step, she is extremely receptive to concerns and suggestions and never once complained about any change we requested (even when we were sure we were being annoying). Her regular updates offer clear progress throughout the project, and she always goes above and beyond to ensure we are satisfied with the work. We plan to continue our collaboration with her for many years to come!”

~ Tiffany Roberts, author of Isle of The Forgotten Romance Fantasy Series

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